We solve complex data problems for the financial services industry.

We solve complex data problems for the financial services industry.

More data = greater expectations.

Technology is evolving at an exponential rate, and so too are customer expectations…

Financial services organisations are trying their best to innovate, but they are often faced with new and unique data challenges that must be navigated through traditional approaches, tools and policies. To add complication, these requirements are usually time bound, leaving businesses stuck between a rock and hard place.

Under these circumstances, colleagues and stakeholders can become split and operate on extremes.

IT vs business, customer needs vs governance and controls, solution A vs B, etc. They usually find compromise, but as a result neither side truly gets what they want or need, which can leave some form of quality, cost or delivery issue.

Fredward bridges the gap between business, risk and data functions to unblock and accelerate change.

Common hurdles…

A few reasons why businesses might struggle to respond to data challenges as quickly and effectively as they want to…

They are juggling a lot.

The sheer volume of change being handled by organisations can often result in insufficient levels of capacity and capability being available to respond fast. Even if the right people are available, change fatigue is common and it has a big impact.

Their hands are tied.

Whether it’s controls around design, enterprise platform/vendor selections or scheduling for change,  controls are there for a reason. Edge use cases don’t always fit a process or policy though – and before they know it they’re stuck in paperwork.

The numbers don’t add up.

Times are challenging, and often they just don’t have the investment, or a viable business case to deliver change the way they want to. The requirements they need to deliver however, can fall through the cracks whilst they align their people, policy, process and tools to respond.

They’ve captured minds, but hearts are still catching up.

Whilst our conceptual approach to change is transforming fast, organisations are still culturally tied to traditional ways of doing things. Even if it’s something as simple as business functions not understanding the constraints of their technology counterparts (or vice versa), the benefits of agility are yet to be truly realised.

Your organisation doesn’t need to compromise on the quality, cost or delivery of your data solutions.

Recent Projects.

Partnering with some of the UK’s largest financial services organisations…

Archiving an entire Retail & Commercial Bank.
Building a rapid bulk extract tool for a large banking regulatory remediation programme.
Supporting a UK Commercial Bank with their IBOR transition.
Helping a multinational insurance and healthcare group exit non-strategic markets.
Designing and building remediation calculators and processes for a large Retail Bank.
Supporting a Big 4 bank’s legacy Irish EUC platform.

We understand financial data.

We are a group of client focused consultants with industry experience. We understand our clients’ challenges because we’ve experienced them first hand, this enables us to develop and deliver solutions that actually work. Discover how our passion for data can work for you…